Friday, September 14, 2018

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Smart lerning

                                                 I rele liked to play arand and crat a caritor you can do
                                                 all sots of bacrans and anamols.

Friday, July 6, 2018

I sogle beiev we sodint have plastic bags

Plastic bags cant bracduwn that mens it will not go away
and you cant bern it becos it will tern into tocsic gas.

If it is in the osin it cod be etin by berds or wayos or tertiws and
fish and we mit eyt the fish that  ajt the plastic bag. Avensule
there will bey no fish in the oshin.

20+  resins why plastic bags sod be band

                   the Easte crocodile

Ones there live the Easter crocodile. Every year it head big creamy Easter eggs. The harder  they were to find the bigger and creamy they were. Everybody loved the Easter eggs.One day the Easter crocodile made Eggs that head caramel in them but they were the hardest ones to find. Crocwing was the one who head had those ones. Every time crocwing  would come along with the Easter crocodile to help him hide the Easter eggs. But one year the Easter crocodile got sick.The Easter crocodile told crocwing that that you would have to do all the Easter egg hiding this year. The Easter crocodile gave crocwing all the supplies he needed. Crocwing got ready and started to go to the first house. 2 hours later crocwing Had finished half of the all houses in the world. 2 hours later He was having trouble finding a hiding spot for the last egg in the last house then he found the perfect hiding spot. Then he quickly put it in the hiding spot and then ran outside Quietly and started to fly back to  Easter crocodiles house. Crocwing Head saved Easter. When he got back Easter crocodile gave him a Easter egg as a present to for saving Easter. Easter crocwing stuck around to help the Easter crocodile to get better.When he got better crocwing went next door to his house. by Felix      

Friday, June 8, 2018


It was hurd but I got it in the end.